We Open Doors — You Close More Business

What We Do


The result: quality needs-based, qualified introductory meetings for you and your sales team. You can trust our passion for unsurpassed quality of inside sales service to serve you well.

Expert lead generation for profit and growth

The quality of our people translates directly into the quality of the prospects we produce for you. Our principals possess backgrounds tailor-made to engage CEOs and key senior level management decision makers as contemporaries and peers. You will not find a finer collection of inside sales professionals anywhere in the marketplace. 

MaguireZay sets the tone by establishing our peer-level approach that prompts your targeted executives to articulate their needs, wants, issues and pain points for your benefit.   Conversant with the language, outlook and values of C-level executives, each MaguireZay principal will conduct a B2B discussion over the telephone that is both compelling and provocative. Along with a savvy and sophisticated approach that matches your company's strengths to your targeted CEO's needs, we build the relationship that unlocks the door to the corner office.

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Connect your sales team to your prospects

We don't try to be experts at what you do; we are experts at getting you in the right doors.  Once the door is open, your sales staff can seamlessly step through. 

No one knows the value of your service like you. No one speaks the language of executive decision-makers like us.  We persuasively bridge your service and product offerings to your targeted CEO and decision maker.   MaguireZay is the industry leader in connecting our clients to the 'right' decision makers. 

By seamlessly representing ourselves as principals of your company, without any hint of an outsourced flavor, we align your value proposition and initiate the relationship directly between you and the CEO. Flexible and fast learners, we respond expertly to your needs and your strategic intent to maximize sales lead generation.

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Sales lead generation to grow in partnership

Our focus on predictable and sustainable results has enabled our clients to increase market presence and acquire millions of dollars of new business revenue.   

MaguireZay drives results which allow you to build predictability into your long-term strategy, profit and growth plans.  We keep your pipeline full with a highly focused, hands-on, 'Old School' approach.  This method generates new business opportunities tailored to your business goals. 

Paving qualified introductions at your targeted prospect and boardroom level keeps your outside sales team focused on the subsequent consultative stage of your sales process.

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